Webinar Recording: “Polymer Modification Roadmap for Elastomers: Plasticizers and Maglite®”

RDAbbott recently hosted a webinar titled “Polymer Modification Roadmap for Elastomers: Plasticizers and Maglite®.” This 59-minute presentation about Hallstar ester plasticizers and magnesium oxides was livestreamed on July 28, 2022. It is part of RDAbbott’s 2022 Webinar Series, which provides technical insights and processing recommendations from our supplier partners.

Why You Should Watch and Listen

Hallstar is a well-known market leader in the design, synthesis, and production of polymer modifiers, with a broad product portfolio of ester plasticizers, as well as extensive applications knowledge that allows them to optimize product selection.

In this webinar recording, Sean Neuenfeldt, a Manager of Technology and Products with Hallstar, and Jim Koslowski, a Hallstar Commercial Associate, present a deep-dive into plasticizer selection: polarity, elastomer compatibility, applications and markets. They also present a comparative study of various elastomers and their functionality, including real-world case studies from the automotive industry.

The recording also discusses Maglite®, Hallstar’s leading brand of high-quality magnesium oxides. Presenters demonstrate how Maglite’s excellent quality, batch-to-batch consistency, and multiple global product offerings make it the leading MgO brand for critical elastomer applications.

About the Presenters

Sean Neuenfeldt currently works as a Manager of Technology and Products as part of Hallstar’s Industrial Polymer Modifiers team, with a focus on new product development. Sean is the lead technical resource for Exxate® solvents and is skilled in polymer rheology, thermoplastic compounding, and automotive coatings formulations. He earned his Bachelor of Science in biochemistry from Michigan State University and his Master of Science in chemistry from Oakland University.

Jim Koslowski is a commercial associate for Hallstar Industrial Solutions with both sourcing and sales responsibilities. Jim’s background is in polymer synthesis for polyurethane coatings. He has a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Northern Illinois University

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