RDAbbott Confirms its Sponsorship and Exhibit Space at LSR 2022

RDAbbott is a co-organizer, sponsor, and exhibitor for LSR 2022, the premiere conference about liquid silicone rubber (LSR), which can be used with liquid injection molding (LIM) to produce high-quality silicone parts. This year’s event is scheduled for September 13 – 15, 2022, in Irvine, California, and will include technical presentations by RDAbbott and several of its supplier partners. RDAbbott will also participate in a panel discussion about LSR Processing.

Tom Jenkins, RDAbbott’s Vice President of Business Development, is a member of the Organizing Committee for the fifth conference in a row. The other committee members are Rick Finnie and Geri Anderson of M.R. Mold & Engineering; Steven Broadbent of ACH-Solution USA; Oliver Franssen of Sigma Engineering GmbH; Juergen Giesow of ARBURG; Amos Golovoy of AG Research; Markus Landi of The RICO Group; Kurt Manigatter of ELMET GmbH; Lynn Momrow-Zielinski of Extreme Molding; and Victor Morando of Dymotek.

William Inman, Jr., Lead Scientist for DuPont, with support from colleagues Sabine Springael and Joseph Tobin, will present “Navigating the Ever-Evolving Regulatory Landscape of Low Molecular Weight Cyclic Siloxanes in Healthcare Applications” on Tuesday, September 13, at 9:30 AM. For silicone companies in global markets, low molecular weight cyclic siloxanes like D4, D5, and D6 have posed regulatory concerns since their 2018 addition to the REACH Annex XVII Restricted Substances List. Methods for characterizing these molecules and D4 toxicity concerns will be among the topics of discussion.

Jake Steinbrecher, TS&D Engineer for Dow, will present “Production Efficiency: A Collaborative Approach to Manufacturing Complex Optical LSR Parts” on Tuesday, September 13, at 12:00 PM. Dow will be joined by ELMET’s owner Kurt Manigatter, an industry leader who will share how their collaborative efforts, using an optical LSR from Dow in conjunction with world-class equipment and processing, led to a highly efficient solution for producing complex parts. Well-developed injection molding equipment and processes can improve productivity, and new optical LSRs that cure more quickly and more completely are now available.

Craig Lustek, RDAbbott Application Engineer, will participate in a panel discussion about LSR Processing on Wednesday, September 14, from 9:00 – 11:00 AM. Lustek has more than 20 years of experience in process engineering, research and development, product management, and manufacturing. The panel discussion will be moderated by M.R. Mold & Engineering President Rick Finnie. The other panelists are Bilal Rafiq, Applications Engineer at SIMTEC Silicone; Juergen Giesow, Director of Technology at ARBURG; Jeff Hazen, Technical Manager at GW Silicones; and Robert Jovingo, Liquid Injection Molding System (LIMS) Process Engineer at ShinEtsu Silicones.

Rick Ziebell, Vice President of Technology and Technical Fellow for RDAbbott, will present “How to Determine the Cure Time for a Molded LSR Part” on Wednesday, September 14, at 2:00 PM. Ziebell, a true rubber industry leader, will review predictive and analytical methods, including a rheology-based calculator that estimates the state of cure and that can be used to establish LIM process settings and for estimating cycle time when quoting molded parts. Ziebell will also discuss Dynamic Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), which can determine the state of cure. DSC results can be used to verify that LIM process settings are producing properly cured parts.

“RDAbbott is honored to join such a distinguished group of technical presenters at the LSR 2022 conference,” said Ziebell. “LSR 2022 is the place to learn about the latest developments in liquid silicone rubber, as well as advances in processing technologies like liquid injection molding. Attendees can also discover potential impacts on business opportunities and find out where new developments are headed.”

To learn more and register, visit: https://executive-conference.com/conference/lsr-2022/
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