Alpha Technologies Launches Modular Production Floor Testing Solutions

The new X-Series™ instruments are Alpha Technologies’ modular production floor solution for customers who are looking to bring testing closer to the rubber compound mixing line. Actionable rheological data is acquired immediately after the mixing process.

With multiple patent-pending designs, the X-series™ brings Alpha’s superior testing solutions to the production floor. The “X” in the X-Series™ brand name stands for “cross-over” from lab environment to production floor. These test instruments are based on Alpha’s flagship Premier™ technologies with the same outstanding reproducibility, repeatability, and test sensitivity. Both the Premier™ instruments and the X-Series™ instruments can communicate back-and-fourth from the lab or office to the production floor through Alpha’s Enterprise™ software.

The X-Series™ consists of the MDR-X™ and RPA-X™ instrument modules and also the X-Dock™ test station. The X-Dock™ is integrated with Alpha’s Enterprise™ data management solution through an IPC touch screen user interface. The X-Dock™ will automatically recognize and configure the test station to perform the intended rheological testing as each instrument module connects. This auto identification feature allows the user to use multiple X-Series™ rheometers interchangably with the same X-Dock™.

“The X-Series™ is designed with test configuration interoperability with QC and/or R&D labs. The X-Series™ will optimize the time to test, maximize the flexibility in testing strategies, and minimize testing downtime. Our engineers have designed a scalable solution that delivers actionable data right on the production floor,” said Kevin Yang, VP of Global Sales & Marketing.

All X-Series™ test modules are compatible and interchangeable with the Alpha ATC™ (Automated Test Cell). This provides plants with the option to configure production floor batch realease testing with either an Alpha ATC™ system and/or X-Series™ products.