Alpha Technologies Launches New Automated Production Floor Testing Solution

Alpha Technologies introduces the Alpha ATC™ (Automated Test Cell). This next-generation automated production floor testing solution will minimize human interaction as the sample goes through the testing process. The ATC™ receives a sample at the end of the mixing process and takes it through rheological testing all while providing batch release data using Alpha’s Enterprise software.

With the ATC™, Alpha has also launched a new series of instruments that provide the same excellent performance standard of Alpha’s flagship Premier™ instruments. Each instrument was engineered specifically for the production floor and ATC™. With multiple patent-pending designs, ATC™ enables production lines to improve throughput, quickly obtain testing results, and reduce waste.

“Alpha’s ATC™ solution has the ability to continuously provide near real time batch release QC data. This can significantly improve production yield and plant profitability,” said Kevin Yang, VP of Global Sales & Marketing.

The entire rheological process from testing to batch release is completed within the test cell. This allows the testing results to be available faster than traditional testing environments where the sample is cut on the production floor and then taken to the quality lab.

The ATC™ consists of the main enclosure, Alpha X-Series™ production floor testing instruments, the control cabinet, and the HMI (Human-Machine Interface). ATC™ is also capable of remote control and access that allows user to program test procedures, monitor the testing process, and retrieve test data.