Applicaton Guide: LORD® In-Mold Bonding Liquid Silicone Rubber Adhesives

LORD® In-Mold Bonding (IMB™) liquid silicone rubber (LSR) adhesives are non-tacky polymer-based coatings that when applied to a substrate provide a structural bond to a rigid or elastomeric polymer, which is formed under heat and pressure. LORD IMB 3000 series adhesives are designed for bonding platinum-cured silicone rubber to a variety of thermoplastic and metal substrates during the injection molding process.

Although a premium adhesive is the basis of a quality bond, it’s only the beginning; proper application is essential for maximum results. Whether you’re dipping or spraying, you’ll learn how to maximize efficiency and optimize results.

This Application Guide also shows how to trouble-shoot common bond problems. We hope this resource will become an indispensable part of your operation and a convenient, one-source solution to many of your bonding questions.

Follow this link to download this guide and contact us if you have any questions.