LORD Introduces New Cold Bonding Adhesive for Vulcanized Chloroprene, Chlorobutyl, and Neoprene Rubbers

LORD Corporation has announced the creation of Chemlok® CB, a one-component rubber-to-metal and rubber-to-rubber adhesive for bonding vulcanized substrates at room temperature. This REACH compliant adhesive has shown rubber tearing bonds to most formulations of chloroprene, neoprene, and chlorobutyl rubber. Applied like a contact adhesive but forming crosslinks between the rubber and substrate allows for ease of use while providing the bond strength needed for most applications.

Most other adhesives on the market require mixing of a hardener at a ratio of 100:4 with any unused material going to waste as it cures in the can. There is also a buffing step that is required. Chemlok® CB is one component and bonds without the messy and costly buffing process.

LORD is targeting mining and aggregate markets where chloroprene and neoprene tie-gum bonding layers are commonly used on natural, bromobutyl, and other substrates.

RDAbbott and LORD are willing to do all the work for you. Contact your RDAbbott Account Manager and they will take your samples of cured rubber and send it back to LORD for testing. LORD will provide you with the test results and any assistance you need in application methods. We can also take the next step and be a part of your on-site trials.

For more information, contact your RDAbbott Account Manager or Tom Martin at tom.martin@RDAbbott.com or (562) 373-6975.