New Polycarbonate Polyurethane Millathane® XP-9075 from TSE

TSE Industries is pleased to introduce Millathane® XP-9075, a new type of Millathane millable polyurethane based on a polycarbonate polyol technology.

This new, peroxide-curable Millathane grade offers the following characteristics:

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent oil and heat resistance (comparable to a polyester grade)
  • Excellent water and humidity resistance (comparable to a polyether grade)
  • Permanent hydrolysis resistance that requires no added stabilizers

Millathane® XP-9075 could be ideal for applications requiring a combination of excellent oil/heat resistance and superior hydrolysis resistance (without added stabilizers).

This comparative study between Millathane® XP-9075 and Millathane® 66 Premilled (a stabilized polyester), along with a modified XP-9075 formulation for improved compression set show that Millathane® XP-9075 provides an excellent combination of oil and heat resistance, plus water and humidity resistance.

Please note that this new product is still experimental but could be quickly commercialized if the demand is sufficient.

To learn more, please contact RDAbbott.