RDAbbott Christmas Video Mixes Holiday Cheer with Virtual Meeting Humor

RDAbbott has released a humorous holiday video called “The RDAbbott Bunch,” a joyful parody of the theme song from “The Brady Bunch,” a popular television show from the 1970s. RDAbbott’s 2020 Christmas video was recorded and produced remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic and features 16 singing employees (plus kids and pets) in separate, socially distanced locations. This year’s Christmas video follows “Feliz Navidad” (2017), “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” (2018), and “Deck the Labs” (2019) in spreading holiday cheer.

In a year marked by quarantines and physical distancing, “The RDAbbott Bunch” takes a light-hearted look at the grid-like pattern of video displays that are a part of virtual meetings. Remote work has its challenges, but “The RDAbbott Bunch” finds the fun in audio-visual issues, silly emojis, crazy virtual backgrounds ranging from beaches to blizzards, plus the interruptions and distractions that come with working from home. Along with awkward meeting moments, there are team members whose professional attire on top doesn’t match the casual, yet comfortable, bottoms that were meant to be kept off camera.

Despite these challenges, to which many people who are working remotely can relate, the RDAbbott team maintains its extraordinary commitment to customer service and all-around good cheer. Multi-tasking team members can be seen riding forklifts, playing with their children and pets, and working to keep things running smoothly no matter what happens – even when adjusting a camera or taking a microphone off mute. “This year’s been different with the quarantine for sure,” the RDAbbott crew sings, “but you can always rest assured, we’re here to serve you – our awesome customers!”

On behalf of “The RDAbbott Bunch,” happy holidays and cheers to a new year!!! We hope you enjoy our 2020 Christmas video!