Alpha Technologies Launches the Premier ESR Test Instrument

Alpha Technologies introduces the new ESR (Encapsulated Sample Rheometer) to the Premier™ instrument line. These new products feature advancements in rubber and polymer process analytics that stay true to Alpha’s exceptional test sensitivity, repeatability, and reproducibility standards.

Key features of the new Premier™ ESR include:

  • Meets ASTM D7750
  • More sensitive measurements of viscosity, gel point, cure, and glass transition temperature
  • Programmable die closing with soft-close that provides optimal sample loading and reduced film tearing in prepreg samples
  • Advanced data sampling and processing using 8x faster data rate per cycle
  • Improved strain control includes the ability to run controlled stress tests
  • Premier™ thermal system for more rapid response.

The Premier™ ESR has a reduced footprint, an optimized die design, and an improved die cooling capability in comparison to the previous model. The Premier™ ESR provides composite material measurements for engineering polymers labs that demand high precision and quality testing.