DiamondKote™ DKW-4168 Mold Release Improves Efficiency and Reduces Costs

DiamondKote™ DKW-4168 is a mold release agent from ITW Pro Brands that was developed to meet the growing needs of FKM seal and gasket manufacturers who serve the automotive supply industry. In addition to fluorocarbon-based fluoroelastomers, this versatile mold release can be used with silicones, peroxide-cured EPDMs, and polyacrylates.

Advantages and Comparisons

DiamondKote™ DKW-4168 lets rubber molders use a single product for a wide range of elastomers across many molding applications. This water-based release agent minimizes the cleaning and downtime caused by dirty molds and can reduce scrap rates by over 50%.* Compared to solvent-based releases, DKW-4168 can also double or triple the mold cycles between applications.*

Compared to competitive products, DKW-4168 delivers greater semi-permanent performance. It can be sprayed on or wiped onto hot metallic surfaces, and has an optimal temperature range between 220°F to 390°F (104°C to 199°C).

*Results may vary.

This demonstration video from ITW Pro Brands shows how DiamondKote™ DKW-4168 is packaged, applied, and used.
Additional Resources

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