Technical Article in Rubber World: Elastomer Sealing Performance in Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Check out this recent technical article published in Rubber World’s April 2020 Issue. It provides a strong overview of the collaborative “Elastomer Sealing Performance in Hydrogen Fuel Cells” study conducted by RDAbbott, ARLANXEO, and Cancarb.

Together with the technical teams from ARLANXEO and Cancarb, we explored elastomer sealing performance advancements using Thermax® N990 and X_Butyl® Bromobutyl designed for hydrogen fuel system technologies.

In this study, we employed hydrogen permeation testing at elevated temperatures (90 degrees Celsius) to better mimic the current operating conditions for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (P.E.M.) fuel cells.

We evaluated these permeation-resistant polymer systems with synergistic tortured path mechanisms in a fuel cell operational environment.

To learn more about this study and RDAbbott’s technical services, check out our innovation video. To access the full April issue of Rubber World, please visit their website at