LSR 2021 (September 13 – 16)

Join us at LSR 2021, the premiere conference about liquid silicone rubber (LSR), at the Marriott Chicago Schaumburg in Schaumburg, Illinois, from September 13–16. LSR 2021 includes two days of top-notch technical presentations, an expert panel discussion entitled “Machine Technology to Support LSR Processing,” and a free off-site workshop on silicone characterization and processing simulations at SigmaSoft’s local facility.

RDAbbott is a co-organizer, co-sponsor, and co-exhibitor for LSR 2021, which will include technical presentations by RDAbbott and three of its supplier partners: Dow, Parker LORD, and DuPont.

Together with Dow, RDAbbott will also exhibit and co-sponsor the lanyards and event. Visit their collaborative table-top display to learn about latest advancements in silicone materials and technologies.

LSR 2021 also concludes with a tour of Sodick-Plustech’s nearby facility so event participants can see the injection molding of silicone parts.

There are several registration options.

Sigmasoft Workshop (September 13 from 12:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.)

All LSR 2021 participants are invited to attend this FREE hands-on workshop at SigmaSoft’s Schaumburg facility (just a short walk from the conference hotel). This workshop is designed for people who are frustrated by problems on the production floor. Common issues include air entrapment, filling imbalances, uneven curing, and more.

It takes knowledge and experience to figure out if a part failure is caused by the molding process, material characteristics, part design, and/or tool design. This workshop will cover how optimization technology can be used during part design, tooling, and processing phases.

  • Rick Ziebell, Technical Fellow for RDAbbott, will discuss Designing for Manufacturability by describing how to characterize LSRs to get accurate results out of the technology.
  • Harshal Bhogesra, Application Manager with SigmaSoft, will show how the optimization technology works with a “live” demo to improve manufacturability.
  • Rick Finnie, President of M.R. Mold & Engineering will discuss uses of the technology for designing and building tools for LSR parts.
  • Jake Steinbrecher, TS&D Engineer with Dow, will talk about using process simulations to optimize injection molding parameters.

Workshop attendees will walk away with critical knowledge about injection molding LSR, designing tools, and optimizing process parameters.

If you are interested in attending this free workship, contact Heather Dib at or (586) 737-7373.

Technical Presentations (September 14 – 15)

LSR 2021 includes the following presentations from RDAbbott and its supplier partners:

Agenda, Speaker Bios, and Registration

Learn more about LSR 2021 and register to attend the industry’s premiere conference about LSR.