RDAbbott Celebrates Tom Martin’s 25 Years of Service

RDAbbott is celebrating Tom Martin’s 25 years with our company and recognizing his many contributions to the rubber industry. Tom, Business Development Manager at RDAbbott and former Vice President of Operations, began working with RDAbbott on October 2, 1995, when there were just five employees. Today, RDAbbott has over 70 employees.

Tom has over 30 years of rubber industry experience and currently lives in Bellingham, Washington. During his lengthy career, he’s done everything from plant maintenance to working as a mill operator, calender operator, lab technician, chemist, estimator, technical service representative, and account representative. While he followed in his father’s rubber industry footsteps, he’s clearly left his own mark.

The Ideal Utility Player

“Tom is the ideal utility player,” says RDAbbott’s president, Keith Thomas. “He knows the depth of our products and he knows our customers and suppliers.” Keith recalls how Tom even supported the company’s IT needs and ran the warehouse. “It’s hard to put a title on Tom,” Keith says, “because he can serve in so many roles. We are so grateful for his service.”

Tom has enjoyed watching the changes at RDAbbott over the past 25 years. With all of its progress, “RDAbbott has been a new company every five years,” Tom says. What’s remained consistent, however, is Tom’s commitment to his co-workers and to the rubber industry.

Committed to Co-Workers

“It’s wonderful to work with Tom,” says Tania Mendoza, RDAbbott Product Manager. “He has a wealth of experience and technical insight from working in the industry for decades. Even more importantly, he is passionate about encouraging people and building their confidence in themselves.” When another co-worker got married, Tom even officiated at the wedding.

Within RDAbbott, Tom is known for his love of Dr. Pepper and Monster Energy drinks. He’s a talented singer who participates in barbershop quartets and enjoys doing crossword puzzles and playing cards. A trivia master, Tom is also a valued instructor who, for seven years, taught the 20-week Basic Rubber Technology course, offered annually by The Los Angeles Rubber Group, Inc. (TLARGI).

Honorary Lifetime Award

Tom’s service to TLARGI, a subdivision of the Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS), spans three decades and many roles. In April 2019, he received an Honorary Lifetime Membership Award from TLARGI after being nominated by his peers and having his nomination approved by TLARGI’s Board. “This is the highest honor that TLARGI awards,” said Amy Congo, RDAbbott’s Marketing Manager.

On behalf of your RDAbbott family, thank you for your vast contributions to our company and the rubber industry these past 25 years!