Dow MobilityScience™ Showcases Silicones for Transportation

Dow is spotlighting silicones as part of its new MobilityScience™ platform, an online resource for the automotive and transportation industries. This highly interactive platform explains how Dow Performance Silicones are driving innovation in e-mobility, connectivity, autonomous vehicles, safety, and light-weighting.

Three silicone product families have connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) applications:

SILASTIC™ Liquid Silicone Rubbers

SILASTIC™ LSRs are two-part silicone materials that provide excellence processing performance, fast cure rates, reduced cycle times, and lower production costs. They are mixed readily and cure rapidly into durable elastomers. CASE applications for SILASTIC™ LSRs include connectivity, autonomous vehicles, safety, e-mobility, and light-weighting.

SILASTIC™ Moldable Optical Silicones

SSILASTIC™ moldable optical silicones provide excellent performance in demanding environments with high heat, high humidity, and ultraviolet (UV) exposure. They also scratching, cracking, and vibrations for enhanced durability. By reducing cycle times in injection molding and other processes, they help to reduce manufacturing costs. Their CASE applications include safety, e-mobility, and light-weighting (e.g., headlamp lenses and lighting).

SILASTIC™ 3D-Printable Liquid Silicone Rubbers

SILASTIC™ 3D-Printable LSRs combine the superior mechanical and physical properties of silicone rubber with the design and processing advantages of liquid additive manufacturing (LAM). These LSRs are ideal for fast, functional prototypes; small manufacturing trials, creation of customized parts or new designs, and other applications where conventional LSRs are used. CASE applications include e-mobility and light-weighting.

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