RDC Spotlights PremiX® MgO 74 Dispersions Among Proven Family of Products

PremiX® is a proven family of products from RDC S.r.l that help compounders by improving quality, reducing operational costs, and strengthening environmental health and safety (EH&S). The active part of PremiX®, a rubber dispersion chemical, is homogenously dispersed in a polymeric matrix that is highly compatible with elastomeric materials, including very soft compounds.

The PremiX® Family of Products

Since 1974, PremiX® products have improved compound quality through better chemical dispersion, more consistent curing, and fewer off-spec batches. Faster mixing, reduced fly-loss, and increased productivity help to reduce costs. The EH&S benefits include reduced skin contact with operators, less airborne dust, the elimination of residual dust, and easier handing and dosage of chemicals.

  • Premix® S Ins HS (65) is an insoluble sulphur/sulfur product with an active part of 65%.
  • Premix® S/S (80) is a soluble sulphur/sulfur product with an active part of 80%.
  • Premix® ZnO (80) is a zinc oxide product with an active part of 80%.
  • Premix® Active is an active inorganic mineral salt product (ZnO) with an active part of 80%.
Spotlighting PremiX® MgO 74

PremiX® MgO 74 is an additive for extruded and injection molded articles made of chlorinated polymers. This vulcanization activator and acid receptor is based on a high-activity magnesium oxide (MgO) and can be mixed with PremiX® ZnO for a good balance of processing safety and cure rate. PremiX® MgO 74 contains 74% activated magnesium oxide and improves stability, resists scorching, and has a long shelf life.

Depending on the base elastomer, PremiX® MgO 74 performs different roles. It is used widely in polychloroprene (CR) for automotive components, wiring and cables, hoses, seals, gaskets, roofing, and adhesives. In CR compounds, the main function of Premix® MgO 74 is to neutralize hydrogen chloride acid from vulcanization, thus preventing auto-catalytic decomposition and promoting greater stability.

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