2020 International Silicone Conference (November 9 – 13)

The International Silicone Conference activities are scheduled from November 9 to 13, 2020. This year’s edition of the biennial event will feature a virtual format. RDAbbott is co-sponsoring this event and providing some important contributions:

  • Tom Jenkins, Director of Business Development at RDAbbott, and Jake Steinbrecher, Associate Technical Service & Development Scientist for Dow Silicones will lead an “Ask the Expert” livestream presentation and Q&A highlighting optical silicone advances.
  • Rick Ziebell, RDAbbott Technical Fellow and Vice President of Technology, will provide a technical presentation titled “Third-Stream Additives that Modify LSR and HCR.”

Ask the Expert: Optical Silicone Advances

Tom Jenkins will lead an “Ask the Expert” livestream on November 9 from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM (ET). Tom will begin by providing a 15-minute overview on optical, physical, and aging performance benefits of Dow’s next-generation moldable optical silicone.

Tom will then facilitate 15 minutes of questions and answers (Q&A) between the participants and co-panelist Jake Steinbrecher of Dow Silicones. The entire “Ask the Expert” discussion will be livestreamed to the Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube channels for Rubber and Plastic News, which is organizing the 2020 International Silicone Conference.

Dow’s next-generation SILASTIC™ Moldable Optical Silicones are designed for high light transmittance in longer path-length applications. These products provide improved durability with higher hardness and reduced surface tackiness, meeting the demanding conditions of high-powered LED lights for a wide variety of applications.

Technical Presentation: Third-Stream Additives that Modify LSR and HCR

Rick Ziebell will present “Third-Stream Additives that Modify LSR and HCR” on November 12 from 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM (ET).

During Rick’s presentation, customization of LSR properties during the liquid injection molding process (LIM) will be discussed. Third streams are typically used for colorants, but they can also introduce additives that change the functional properties of cured articles. RDAbbott, a leader in materials science, and NovationSi, a premiere supplier of color dispersions, are advancing numerous LSR molding application potentials with revolutionary additive technologies. For example, third-stream injection with:

  • NovaSperse® anti-static additives can stop static-cling and reduce friction with skin contact (both strong attributes in wearable device applications) and
  • NovaSperse® antimicrobial additives can reduce the spread of certain diseases by reducing silicone rubber’s tendency to support biofilms and microbial loads.

These additives can also enhance HCR (silicone gum stocks) using other fabrication processes. To demonstrate this potential, Rick will also introduce a case study of a novel low-impedance silicone rubber materials, which incorporate patent-pending nanotechnologies, and have recently received FDA clearance for use in non-invasive neuromodulation therapy.

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